29 July 2011

Another theoretician goes bonkers for a while

Supersymmetry is not confirmed by any experiment, not even by the LHC. What does a theoretician say? Urs Schreiber answers: The 1922 Stern-Gerlach experiment, which established spin 1/2, is a proof that world-line supersymmetry exists.

The reasoning is so blatantly false that I must ask: how can a smart man like Urs Schreiber write something so false? We all wish you that you recover soon. Find a caring person that helps you!

27 July 2011

No endless frontier

After the numerous results presented a few days ago, it is obvious that no deviation from the standard model has been found. Despite of thousands of experimental physicists looking for the opposite, with the promise of fame and riches.

Particle physicists are stunned. Nothing new or unexpected has been found. How can this be?

The answer has been given in this blog for some time now. Particle physicists believed, without reason, that the domain of high energy is an "endless frontier", which allows new discoveries whenever an order of magnitude in energy is gained. But this belief is wrong.

The belief in an endless frontier is wrong for two reasons. First of all, it contradicts the idea that nature is comprehensible. If nature is comprehensible, there also is a moment in time where we understand it all. And this moment seems quite near. But secondly, the belief in an endless frontier contradicts quantum theory. Quantum theory tells us that there is a finite amount of energy in any finite volume of space, that there are a finite number of degrees of freedom in a finite volume of space.

Quantum theory states that nature is finite in its microscopic domain. Quantum theory tells us that there is NO endless frontier in the microscopic domain. In other words, quantum theory tells us since 100 years that there is NO endless frontier in high energy physics.

The LHC experiments simply confirmed this result. And they confirmed the strand model yet again.

24 July 2011

One man, one thousand men, ten thousand men

The LHC results are out. This is the summary.

Christoph Schiller, working alone, settled more questions in theoretical particle physics than the one thousand theoreticians scattered around the world. And the experiments at CERN, performed by 10 000 men or so, agree with Schiller's predictions. And all these men were telling us for decades that the Higgs, supersymmetry, dark matter and the next unexpected discovery are "just around the corner". All are now forced to recant.

One man with some good ideas sees further than ten thousand with a large budget and an even larger lobby.