6 August 2011

Multiverse and polytheism

One can dispute whether the equivalence between the universe and god is accurate. Pantheists assume that universe and god are two words for the same concept. Einstein was a pantheist in this sense.

Assuming pantheists are right, the people that talk about the multiverse are reintroducing polytheism. It becomes clear again what a nonsense the concept of multiverse is.

4 August 2011

String theory and chess

Searching for the theory of everything with string theory is as promising as searching for it by playing chess.

Both string theorists and chess players are extremely smart people. Chess players are impressive. So are string theorists. They have intelligence to spare. All of them talk about their intelligence like pistoleros talk about their guns. They are die-hard machos.

The only issue: their occupation does not help finding the theory of everything. Not at all. Being smart does not count in the search.

2 August 2011

"Too early to despair"

said Guido Altarelli about the latest LHC results. Of course, he means the opposite. He is disappointed. A lot.

But I am not. I enjoy the situation of being right while almost all other experts are wrong. It will never happen again, in physics.

The next results will appear at the Bombay conference, end of August 2011. Great.