17 August 2011

The failure of quantum gravity

Have a look at the overview article arXiv:1108.3269 "An introduction to quantum gravity" by Giampiero Esposito.

It lists 16 approaches to quantum gravity that were followed in the last 80 years - string theory is one of them. Then it lists their achievements. All are theoretical! Not a single of the achievements is a testable prediction.

Yep, quantum gravity is a dead alley. We all can stop reading gr-qc.

15 August 2011

Another theoretician left reality

This theoretician is too little-known to be named. He dislikes the strand model. But for a simple reason: He thinks that time has two dimensions.

This seems too crazy too be true. But some people get paid for saying and writing such nonsense. Modern research is full of nonsense.