14 November 2013

The next nail in the coffin of supersymmetry

The newest measurement of the electron dipole moment reduces the likelihood of supersymmetry even more. See http://arxiv.org/abs/1310.7534 . It is the newest step from supersymmetry to supercemetery.

Of course, this is not a surprise; enough people, including Nobel Prize laureates in particle physics, have stated since decades that supersymmetry is a "figment of the human mind". And of course, there is no string theory without supersymmetry. Yes, a tiny negative experimental result can destroy even the most ugly theory.

10 November 2013

Please DO THINK about alpha=1/137.03...

The value of the fine structure constant alpha=1/137.03 is one of the great mysteries of nature. Understanding it will yield a Nobel prize.

So, who is working on understanding the fine structure constant? Search the arxiv: no result. Ask string theorists: nobody. (This fact alone shows that string theory is worthless.) Ask any supersymmetry researcher: no answer. (So supersymmetry is worthless.) Ask any quantum gravity researcher: no answer. (So quantum gravity is worthless as well.) Ask most bloggers, crackpots, and fringe scientists: no answer. Look for talk slides on the topic: nothing (except for cosmological variations, which are of no use and are all nonsense anyway.) A few crackpots "work" on the problem, but they are so obviously mistaken that it is not even worth spending time on reading their confused ideas.

People do not work on 137 and do not think about it. There is a big gap in physics here. Nobody has filled it, in the 100 years since it was discovered. Will you? Think about this: Einstein has not succeeded, neither has Feynman or Pauli, who thought about the problem for a long time. After them, researchers stopped trying.

Please change the situation. Try. Try even more. You WILL succeed.