9 August 2011

The next theoretician goes bonkers

This theoretician is too well-known to be named. When asked what he thought about the strand model, he answered that the strand model of a black hole could not be correct, because it does not work in 5 and 6 dimensions.

This answer is worth meditating. A physicists says, in writing, that a description of nature is wrong because it does not describe certain cases that have no relation to reality. He could equally say that F=ma is wrong because the equation does not describe Santa Claus or resurrection.

With this way of thinking the theoretician has maneuvered himself into the land of fairies. There is no way that he will ever be successful in finding a theory of quantum gravity.

7 August 2011

Another theoretician goes bonkers

Vongehr is one of those people that wrote papers that nature has two times. He means two-dimensional time. No joke.

Experimental backing? Zero. That a guy writing this has studied physics at university is almost unbelievable. Some people have a degree and still cannot count.

Supersymmetry is turning into Supercemetery

Garret Lisi makes the point in a comment in Dorigo's blog.

A simple truth.