6 February 2012

Hep-th is doing badly - no honest theorist in sight

Reading the hep-th summaries, I note that here is almost nothing on string theory or supersymmetry since many months. There are no new proposals for unified theories since a long time. Why?

The LHC will provide data at the end of 2012. And obviously particle theoreticians have no courage to propose something that can be checked soon. The whole community is doing nothing. Almost nobody has the courage to predict: "This is what will be measured!"
  • When Einstein found general relativity, he wrote: This is what will be measured. Check my prediction!
  • When string theory came, the proponents wrote: We do not know what will be measured, but what the others are doing is nonsense!
What a difference between the two approaches. Well, there is one exception. Schiller's spaghetti model indeed makes the clear predictions that I am longing for. But the predictions are not on hep-th. I conclude: there is no honest physicist on hep-th.

Not only is there no honest physicist; there are also no leaders: there are no voices that show the path that should be followed.  There are no voices of reason. No voices of reason in a community of thousands of theoretical physicists. What a sad situation.