22 December 2012

The news of the season

Another year has passed, and no final theory has surfaced.

But numerous papers still appeared about the multiverse, about supersymmetry, about string theory, about the aether, about matrix models, and about additional fairytales that are in contrast to experiment.

One day, we will laugh about these papers. We will laugh about the misguided intensity of the authors, about these men who are so "dead serious", so hundred per cent  "certain", and feel so "important".

It was a year of pompous research.

19 December 2012

Motl is not sick any more!

Some time ago, Motl, the violent blogger, wrote that he might have a deadly disease.  During that time, his posts were human: he did not offend people any more, wrote constructively, and generally showed all signs of being a person that can be kind to others.

But his doctors must have told him that he has no disease at all. He started offending people again in his posts, is again ill-tempered, and lost his marbles again. He has forgotten that, like everybody, he must die anyway.

We are happy that he is healthy again, but we are also sad that his bad manners are coming back. He has forgot what he should remember.

String theory is as wrong as aether theory, and it does not help offending people who correctly state that string theory, like aether theory, has no relation to reality and no relation to experiment.