22 May 2013

Biting bulldog: numerical predictions from spaghetti

My favorite predictions of the spaghetti theory:
  • The standard model is valid precisely. The known physics equations are correct. Nothing is left to discover!
  • There are three gauge interactions, three dimensions and three generations. Nothing is left to discover!
  • The cosmological constant gets smaller with time.
  • Certain mass ratios (W/Z, W/Higgs) and sequences of values among masses, coupling constants and mixing angles can be deduced.
The last topic is not complete. That is sad! I am waiting for the details and for more numbers. Sometimes I try to search myself. Though communicating with Schiller takes patience. On the whole, these predictions are more precise, more "numerical" and more complete than those of any other theory I have ever read about, on arxiv, on vixra, in books and in papers. No grandiose claims.  No new effects. Nothing revolutionary. Just a promising work in progress.

What I like most: the spaghetti theory predicts that additional predictions are impossible. I passionately like the idea that we are near the end of particle physics. So many pompous machos repeat that nature is infinite and complicated. And they go on repeating that everybody else is stupid or wrong, in church and in the internet. Machos, stop doing physics. Go into your wife's arms.