7 August 2016

From Standard Model to True Theory

The ICHEP Conference has shown: the Standard Model is correct. We should rename it the "True Theory".

Stop - you will say. It is well-known that the standard model "cannot be correct". Thousands of papers and presentations start in this way.

Cannot be correct? In the past years, I have tried to collect ALL the arguments at the origin of this statement. For example, that the standard model obviously is an effective theory, that its results cannot be true up to Planck energy, that supersymmetry must hold, that scientists have again and again believed to have found a true theory, that gravity must have an influence before the Planck scale, and so forth.

Listen, men, every one of those arguments does not hold water! The Standard Model is the "True Theory". Not only for all practical purposes, but really.

12 June 2016

Cassandra, Sabine and Lubos

Cassandra always told the truth, but nobody believed her. That was her destiny.

Sabine is a well-known blogger and researcher in quantum gravity. She tells the truth and people believe her. That is her destiny. She recalls that string theory is wrong and that supersymmetry is wrong. Who gets upset? Nobody of importance. The most upset person is a funny little man who has given up working on the field. Why did he give up?

Lubos has given up on string theory because he does not believe in it himself. Now he insults women to hide his own mistakes and lack of intelligence. To hide his own lack of motivation. And to hide his failure.

Lubos is the Czech word for Looser. We women know how to handle such men: we smile at them and turn away.