24 July 2013

Return of the Lance Armstrong of particle physics

Seiberg is a man who spent his whole life bullying people who did not agree with his mistaken ideas about particles; he bullied all those who competed with him on the search for a theory of everything, or TOE.

Lance Armstrong has stopped bullying people competing with him. Seiberg has not. In his latest talk, Seiberg goes even further. He is now telling young students that is unlikely that the TOE will ever be found, because of the multiverse.

So he has reached the point at which he says to students: I did not achieve it, you won't either. He forgets to mention that he did not achieve the TOE because he chose the wrong way. Armstrong at least admitted that he was on the wrong track. Seiberg did not. This is why Seiberg deserves, even more than Armstrong, to be forgotten.