11 July 2013

Fun with supersymmetry nonsense

Have a look at the preprint http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.2578 . It is written by three typical string theorists, two middle aged men and one old man. The paper is quite long and starts:
BPS surface defects in N= 2 four-dimensional gauge theories are an interesting theoretical subject which ties together many subjects in mathematical physics.
"We know that our work doesn't concern high energy particle physics, but we do not care. There is not a word about nature in our whole paper. But we like doing this."
Read the other papers by these men. The translation just given is valid for virtually their whole life's work. Incredible. In which private world do they live in?

These men are smart. But they lost their true north. Such men know: publish or perish. Publish even if it is meaningless. They have sold their soul to a lost cause. Wake up, guys!