30 May 2012

Please Peter, do not give up!

Peter Woit is one of my heroes. One of the few men who tell clearly what is right and what is wrong. He is one of those people who are an example of what a man should be. If all people were honest and straight like he is, the world would be a better place.

In his new post, he writes about a German mathematician. And he writes that this guy clarified the math of the standard model. But all the work of this mathematician concerns continuous space and continuous time - both described by real number coordinates. But neither time nor space are continuous! We can shelve such theorems, they are useless.

Peter, please do not enter the world of mathematical physics! Leave Witten there, and Arkani-Something, and all the other guys who just need to feel busy instead of looking for advance. Peter, please, help readers to concentrate on physics, not one some obscure math which has no relation to reality!