17 November 2012

Scandal at CERN - no Higgs confirmation

Tout pour la gloire. All for glory. This is what CERN did in July of this year, when it announced the Higgs discovery. But now that the confirmation was expected at the HCP conference, they did not provide it.

The data on the gamma-gamma channel is contradictory, it is rumored. Even though CERN has twice as much data at its disposal as in July, the corresponding results were not shown.

The problem with glory is that it must be based on facts. CERN has now let the whole world know that for them facts do not count, just the glory counts.

CERN was unable to confirm the existence of the Higgs measurements of July 2012. This is a scandalous situation. CERN has implicitly admitted that the July 2012 data was not reliable! If CERN does not act quickly, we will not believe anything of what they say anymore.