4 January 2011

Do not ask about alpha ...

One of the biggest mystery of nature is the origin of the fine structure constant alpha, 1/137.03 ..., and its running with energy.

There is a taboo asking about this origin - mostly because only cranks attempts answers. But not asking has bad consequences: it implies to let go the aim of the search for unification. If we do not go on asking, we will not find the answer; instead, we will get lost in fantasy land. The issue of alpha illuminates our aim: it tells us where we need to go.

But look at recent history. GUT proponents don't ask about alpha. SUSY proponents don't. String theorists don't. Loop quantum gravity researchers don't. Nobody asks! And indeed, all these researchers have lost the right way.

So, in fundamental physics we have a problem: if you think about alpha, you are doing cranky science. And if you don't, you do GUTs, or strings, or similarly cranky theories. What a situation! Prejudices have maneuvered researchers into an impasse. Whatever they do, it is cranky.

There is only one conclusion possible: be courageous and think about alpha - but seriously.


  1. I do not ask about alpha. I am asking your impression about my note here:


  2. Well, my post says that asking about alpha is good!

    Anyway, your post in your blog seems correct to me.