6 April 2011

Should I make fun of famous or of unkown physicists?

Schiller, the unknown physicist proposing the "strand model" is a source of many unconventional ideas. I already wrote that I like his strand model because it is incompatible with supersymmetry and with higher dimensions. For me, the strand model might be one of the few common-sense models in fundamental physics.

And here is the best part of it: not only does the model claim to agree with all experiments, it also pretends to reproduce the full Lagrangian of particle physics from scratch. Now, we all know that neither string theory nor loop quantum gravity are able to do that, despite of dozens of people trying to do so since 30 years.

These arguments intrigued me since I started reading about the model the first time. So, every now and then, in the last weeks, I asked people for an evaluation of the model. I also emailed Schiller. This was more fun than expected.

A few established researchers told me that the strand model is not useful because it makes no predictions. (If I count correctly, the model makes more than two dozen predictions.) Another researcher said that the model might be correct, but that all ideas were old. (According to Schiller, all ideas are new.) Another one told me that the model is not complete yet, so it is not worth looking at it. (According to Schiller, the model is indeed not complete, but the intermediate results are already better than those of string theory and loop quantum gravity combined.)

I have not decided yet about which side I should make more fun...

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