6 May 2011

Fun about dark matter

Again, tiny statistical effects are interpreted as dark matter.

We should recall that "dark matter" is a term similar to "extraterrestrials". They are claimed to exist, but nobody has ever seen them. Thus we will hear such claims for the decades to come. After all, they could be there, couldn't they?

Nobody is spending big money for searching for extraterrestrials. Why are we spending big money for dark matter searches? And how can honest people waste their own time doing this? Are these people all out of their mind?


  1. Yes, dark matter and dark energy are patches to save a "dark" theory and our aspirations to describe everything with it.

  2. Let us see where these dark concepts ("extraterrestrials") take us to.

    The problem is that saying "dark matter" instead of "I do not understand" is a big difference. If we say "dark matter", we start to build experiments. If we say "I do not understand" we start looking for a solution.

    (Compare "extraterrestrial" and "I do not understand".)

    So it is very important how to phrase the problems.