11 July 2011

Higgs excluded even further

As expected, the LHC is starting to exclude more and more values for the Higgs mass. As this post shows, energies between 270 and 420 GeV are excluded with 200 inverse picobarn of LHC data. The full 1000 pb delivered so far have not yet been analyzed. Wait and see - the results will be out soon.

The first results only use 200 inverse picobarn, instead of the available 900. So they are holding back results.

Yes, they would be losing face, because they have said steadfastly that some sort of new physics MUST show up around 1 TeV - fact is that it doesn't show up. It is very clear that (essentially) everybody in the field was wrong. And all the wrong people got the money for the LHC on a wrong prediction.

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  1. Hi Clara,

    Despite this and previous plots, there are many diehards that continue to trumpet the idea that SUSY and/or MSSM are just around the corner. It is precisely this type of delusional reasoning that brought mainstream hep-th to its knees, for more than 35 years...


    Ervin Goldfain