19 November 2011

G does not run

A new paper argues convincingly that Newton's constant G does not run with energy. This is a criticism of many papers that claim that such a running exists.

But one moment: the strand model also makes this point. (And Schiller does not even mention it, I think.) So his model is vindicated again.


  1. In my understanding, the problem of coupling is conceptual, first of all. We make a conceptual error and thus get "corrections to constants". In the right approach there is no corrections to the fundamental constants and, therefore, no running.


  2. Might be, but many books show graphs of the running of G.

    A constant like 137.036 is another story. Nobody believes that it is fundamental anyway.

  3. About alpha: it is strange that it should run. The QED equations written once have it as a constant. We can safely replace it with its numerical value 1/137.036 and that's it. But they make it run, I believe, because the original QED equations are wrong. Renormalizations of constants is a modification of solutions made by people to make a wrong theory predict experimental data. In this way one invents "running constants" as fitting parameters.

  4. The post was about G. There is so much nonsense about G told around that it is refreshing to see somebody arguing the G does not run.