26 April 2012

Siegel has given up

Warren Siegel is a physicist famous for his aggressive comments and his small stature. As a woman, I do not like nasty bearded dwarfs, so I admit being partial. Siegel works on strings and supersymmetry. His aggressive behavior against other people searching for a final theory is well-known. Besides, Siegel probably is the only person in the world claiming in writing that supersymmetry is predicted by experiment. Despite his religious devotion to supersymmetry, since many years, his papers lack any physical idea, any notable advance and any relation to experiment. And every new paper he writes is less interesting than the previous one. His last paper shows that he has effectively given up. This is understandable: the LHC has shown experimentally that most supersymmetric models are mistaken. Siegel has become a typical modern particle theoretician: with strong opinions that are wrong. If he is consistent, he will now start making nasty comments about his own work. That will be fun to watch. But it will make him more human, and more likeable.


  1. It is frustrating nowadays to witness the level of denial and sheer dishonesty of many HEP leaders. Over and over again, one sees the same bunch of mainstream theorists dominating panel discussions and public forums. Yet the general audience is typically unaware that none of the pet theories being advertised have been vindicated by experimental observations.
    There is a clear misconception here that well known researchers in the field are automatically the ones to be trusted in what they are promoting.

  2. Fortunately, Siegel is by no way a leader...

  3. What the hell is "giving up" about Siegel's paper? You're a fucked-up nasty lying bitch, a mistake of Mother Nature that shouldn't have been born.

  4. Motl, we all know from your posts that you do not like your mother, and that therefore you do not like all women. We also all know from your posts that you miss your father a lot, that therefore you are so verbally violent and that therefore you tend to supernatural nonsense, like supersymmetry.

    To the huge suffering in you life there is only one way out: you learn to respect women first and next, you learn to love one. After you did that, I might talk physics again with you.