6 July 2012

Hard times for spaghetti!

The Higgs has been found. Bad times for spaghetti! I hope to tell more about what Schiller thinks in the near future.

The important thing remains that there is still no trace of supersymmetry and similar nonsense. String theory remains nonsense, but the people believing in it will take longer to see that they are wrong. They will fall deeper. Poor them...

Update:  Schiller has added some comments on his research page:

The two experiments at the LHC in Geneva have observed a boson with a mass around 126 GeV. It is not clear yet whether the boson is elementary or whether it has spin 0. If the observed boson is indeed the Higgs boson, the 'dirty trick' of Figure 85 on page 291 might apply to it; another, so far overlooked strand configuration may also apply. If no strand configuration is possible, and if the Higgs indeed exists, the strand model is wrong. The issue can be tested in future experiments and with more research.

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