8 September 2012

Spaghetti still have a chance

Schiller should not despair. True, he expected from the spaghetti model that no Higgs exists. But he even had an alternative in his book, with a drawing for a Higgs candidate, and a mass prediction of around 117 GeV. It looks as if his alternative might have been the correct one.

Will his strand/spaghetti model survive this disappointment? The newest edition of his book, from July 2012, is still optimistic. It is only a question of waiting until the end of the year. We then will know definitely whether the Higgs exists and really is the Higgs.  We will know whether supersymmetry still has a chance. We will see whether anything beyond the standard model will be found. If all the other negative predictions from the spaghetti model hold up, the model will be one of the few candidates that agree with experiment! 2012 is an exciting year.

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