19 October 2012

Funny Old Men - Funnier Than Lance Armstrong

Those men over 45 who work as professors of theoretical particle physics are among the most ridiculous groups on the planet. Look at these adorers of supersymmetry, of loop quantum gravity or of strings; look at the lies they told to students and colleagues all along their careers.

Lance Armstrong was a crook who rode bicycles and misled his public. But at least he was hiding what he did - and he still knew that he was lying. And few others knew. Instead, these physics professors who went on lying to the public were never taken seriously by the public. Everybody knew that they were lying. But because nobody complained or told them - after all, who cares about a few old men lying about particle theory - the professors slowly started to believe that they were right. This is not "Lie strong", it is much more extreme and tragic.

Such extreme cases are usually only found in psychiatric wards. The coming years will be fun, when we will see the puzzled looks on the faces of these particle professors. We will witness personal excuses, collective excuses, finger-pointing, attacks against people who did no harm, attacks on those who point out the mistakes, and all other symptoms of denial. At the moment, there is only shock. Collective shock. They are waking up. They cannot avoid accepting that experiment is refuting their theories.

The most ridiculous are those professors whole believe that they are smarter than normal people. Fact is: normal people know exactly as much about unification as the professors do: namely nothing. The professors tried and struggled all their life. They studied physics, got a PhD, published research, went to conferences, exchanged ideas with other smart people. But they achieved nothing. Not even a little bit. All professors together do not know more than the beggar around the corner. 

Such things happen when men do not listen to us women.


  1. The latest edition of Scientific American contains articles by renowned representatives of SUSY, string theories, loop quantum gravity, preon models and theories advocating Lorentz Invariance violation (LIV):


    Based on what we know today, none of these theories are backed up by experimental evidence. In fact, there are good reasons to suspect that all these attempts are heading in the wrong direction. It is sad to see this kind of disingenuous hype promoted in journals whose function is to inform the general public.

    Ervin Goldfain

  2. My next entry makes the same point on another issue of the same journal. Falsehood sells more than truth. Or should we deduce that "American" scientists differ from those in the rest of the world?

    In fact, these articles also mean something very simple: stay away from the mentioned institutions for your PhD - if your aim is to learn something about unification.