21 January 2013

Bekenstein makes a fool of himself - again

Bekenstein has joined the list of physicists who claim that a specific laboratory experiment can measure quantum gravity effects. He is now member of the club of the "fantasy quantum gravity researchers" who have left reality. The club is growing, and includes more and more researchers.

The club is another popular dead end, similar to supersymmetry. But Bekenstein had already left reality with his MOND work.

Since years, Bekenstein, a gifted researcher with exceptional intuition, intelligence and courage, is not working on anything that is related to the real world. What a sad story.


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  2. Yes, his reasoning is based on the center of mass displacement as if it were a physical point-like particle, but this is not the case. The other, real, particles of the body move constantly in much larger space intervals than a Plank length, even at T=0.