19 January 2013

Cycling and supersymmetry

Once it became evident that Lance Armstrong doped from the time he was a teenager up to the present, it became clear that his whole professional life was built on a lie. So was that of many riders that competed with him. But for years he was protected by the UCI, US and French presidents, businessmen etc.

Once it became clear that supersymmetry is wrong, it became clear that it was a lie from its beginning.  So was the professional life of all competing supersymmetry researchers. But for years, supersymmetry researchers were protected by governments, CERN, physics societies, universities, businessmen, etc.

Armstrong is a liar and a bully and made a career only because he was both.

Seiberg and many other supersymmetry researchers are liars and bullies, and made a career only because they were both. (You can find blog entries were some of these people state that lying and bullying is ok.)

A wise man once said: "Lance Armstrong deserves to be forgotten."

We should take the same stance and say: "Supersymmetry researchers deserve to be forgotten."

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