5 February 2013

Finally: Motl advises to leave the race for a TOE

Motl is the physics blogger who likes to play the victim. All violent people do so.  Therefore he started to claim to be ill in order to hope that people are not as nasty to him as he is to others.

But now he sees that the job market for theoretical physicists is getting tight, because experiment contradicts 99.9% of all theories developed in the last 30 years. He now wrote that theorists should stop working on "wishful thinking and speculative belief".

Motl thus not only states that theorists should not work on supersymmetry or string theory. Because there is no particle theorist working on anything else than "wishful thinking", he thinks ALL particle theorists should stop working.

Yes, Motl has now joined Woit and Smolin, the people he has fought for so long, in his assessment of particle physics! The universe has a lot of humour.

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