3 March 2013

How to formulate a long bet about unification

I just discovered www.longbets.org. We can put long-term bets there. Can we formulate a long bet, to challenge modern particle theorists? Here is a proposal:
Prediction 1:
No decay, no reaction, and no effect that is incompatible with the standard model of particle physics will be discovered. 
A more satirical proposal:
Prediction 2: String theorists and supersymmetry researchers will be depressed for their remaining life, because no evidence for supersymmetry, higher dimensions, or strings will be discovered.


  1. I bet that the theory of everything can be reduced to electrodynamics.

  2. Well, it is hard to get SU(3) this way ...

  3. We don't know if it is hard or not. I think that the 3-dimensional complex space of electromagnetic fields with coordinates F^k=E^k-iB^k might be used for constructing fundamental representation of SU(3). But I'm not sure, and frankly I don't really care of the gauge symmetries.

    My arguments for electrodynamics as a candidate for TOE are presented here: http://vixra.org/pdf/1303.0032v2.pdf