16 June 2013

The next folly: the international linear collider

A folly with its own website: http://www.linearcollider.org.To see that it is a folly, read this page: http://www.linearcollider.org/from-design-to-reality/ It is unbelievable. They give 4 reasons to build the ILC:

- check the standard model
- explain dark matter and dark energy
- find supersymmetry
- find extra dimensions

Here is what we know:

- the standard model is correct and reproduces everything we know and ever saw.
- dark matter and dark energy are not found on earth; dark matter is an invention.
- susy is an invention and does not exist.
- extra dimensions are inventions and do not exist.

Yes indeed, the collider is sure NOT to discover anything new. We know that already now! Thousands of men, and alas, also some women, have designed a machine for nothing.  Millions of dollars down the drain.

Do you think this is a scandal? Then you should know that exactly the same arguments were given for the funding of the LHC. And what did they find? The Higgs, 50 years after its prediction. And nothing else. Yes indeed, the ILC repeats all the errors of the LHC, but with a difference: This time, NO particle has been predicted to be found.

"We did not find anything, so we look again." That is not worth billions. Spend them on medical research instead.


  1. Oh, money. Money is just the means to facilitate trade. In of itself, it is worthless. The wealth is the people, knowledge, and culture of the planet. We have fantastic medical researchers and particle physicists. What is the point of possessing jewellery if you don't wear it?

  2. Medical research is jewelry. Particle research is not.