24 July 2013

Return of the Lance Armstrong of particle physics

Seiberg is a man who spent his whole life bullying people who did not agree with his mistaken ideas about particles; he bullied all those who competed with him on the search for a theory of everything, or TOE.

Lance Armstrong has stopped bullying people competing with him. Seiberg has not. In his latest talk, Seiberg goes even further. He is now telling young students that is unlikely that the TOE will ever be found, because of the multiverse.

So he has reached the point at which he says to students: I did not achieve it, you won't either. He forgets to mention that he did not achieve the TOE because he chose the wrong way. Armstrong at least admitted that he was on the wrong track. Seiberg did not. This is why Seiberg deserves, even more than Armstrong, to be forgotten.


  1. Dear Clara
    --You are zeroing in on Seiberg--but he is only an exponent of the IAS school--Witten,Nima and the like--in short all that work on ST
    --The LHC Physics workshop took place at IAS--so you could not expect a different outcome
    --the Multiverse is obviously perceived as a life extension for the increasingly controversial ST
    --Witten's talk was on a minor ST issue--maybe a sign that he is trying to detach himself from the ST TOE pretensions...
    --On a different issue,I like Schiller's style and intuitions and I find that my theory is not contradictory to his statements.You may (you do not have to)send him my paper on the Finiteness Principle.It would be interesting to have me and Schiller correspond by email and see what comes out of it.

    Best wishes


    1. Abraham,

      The IAS is a place where reality has little influence on physics research - since its foundation. In contrast to the earlier days, the people at IAS are now even forced to share the nonsense they talk about.

    2. OK---so what should WE do ? ME ? YOU ? ANYONE ?

    3. Explain the origin of the standard model of particle physics!

    4. ok-so now I have two homeworks

    5. The standard model was born out of the first successful unification in physics:that of the non-relativistic primordial QM ,with SR.Actually this was special relativization of Schrodinger's eq.
      It was right to do so because SR was much more fundamental ,encompassing and pervasive.Anti-matter was born.
      Naturally,the next unification in physics should have been general relativization of SM,because GR is so much more fundamental,all encompassing and pervasive than the other forces(weak,EM and strong).What happened was that ST,being promoted by SM people,went the other way around,namely trying to quantize gravity.The dead-end of ST as we see today is a necessary result of this fundamental mistake.
      To succeed in the unification effort,SM and GR singularities should be taken care of by regularizing both of them in the proper way.

    6. Yes, we just need to regularize the singularities. Let us know when you are done :-)

    7. ok--I will be done by 2020--אי"ה---