20 August 2013

Motl admits that supersymmetry is wrong

Motl, a failed physicist, failed string theorist, failed physics crackpot, failed political activist, and failed husband, is a regular reader and commentor on this blog. Unfortunately, his comments on this blog are mostly unfit for publishing. But one development is worth mentioning. As he made clear in his latest comment on this blog, Motl now agrees that supersymmetry is wrong.

Now that supersymmetry not only disagrees with reason, but also disagrees with experiment, Motl has switched his longtime position, and wrote: "You are right, you slut!" My husband is already a intense fan of Motl...

But all men, like Motl, who hate their mom merit our prayers.


  1. ok.............
    All bloggers are failed people...in something...(maybe ok in other things...)
    They lost hope of doing something of value
    So they are rude and denigrate others in order to restore their own self-confidence
    If he says "you are slut"-you should take this as a compliment because he says that about anyone better than him,including Einstein..
    So you are right--let us pray for him and for all like him--they need it