7 August 2016

From Standard Model to True Theory

The ICHEP Conference has shown: the Standard Model is correct. We should rename it the "True Theory".

Stop - you will say. It is well-known that the standard model "cannot be correct". Thousands of papers and presentations start in this way.

Cannot be correct? In the past years, I have tried to collect ALL the arguments at the origin of this statement. For example, that the standard model obviously is an effective theory, that its results cannot be true up to Planck energy, that supersymmetry must hold, that scientists have again and again believed to have found a true theory, that gravity must have an influence before the Planck scale, and so forth.

Listen, men, every one of those arguments does not hold water! The Standard Model is the "True Theory". Not only for all practical purposes, but really.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Clara
    I agree with you that SM is probably true up to Planck energy (PE not included).Fundamental considerations show that all elementary particles,irrespective of their rest masses,reach a relativistic mass/energy equal to PE when their speed reaches the speed of light.Likewise,all physical space intervals contract to planck length when accelerated to the speed of light,irrespective of their rest reference values.This means that something should happen over the last order of magnitude or so, before reaching planck scale.Also,at v=c something happens to what we call mass,which somehow disintegrates or "evaporates",becoming energy or maybe a mix of energy and other elementary particles(see e.g.Hawking radiation from micro-black holes).
    Also,we know that neutrinos have a nonzero rest mass,while travelling at a speed indiscernible from the speed of light. Also,the need for renormalization acrobatics in SM means that probably a solution to above issues might be to postulate only nonzero or non-infinite entities in physics.Probably near and at PE, Lorenz invariance and Lorenz group properties will not be respected.In short,something should be corrected in SM near planck scale,while it probably being a good theory till there.I chose to fix this by appropriately correcting the relativistic gamma,which leaves SM true up to almost PE(see my paper in JOP on my Finiteness Principle).

    Yours sincerely