19 December 2010

Garrett Lisi and the TOE

Garrett Lisi is a hero of theoretical physics. He is a hero because he is one of the few that has a clear and open goal: to find the theory of everything.

Why does this pursuit make him a hero?  Because there are hundreds of people who pour their vitriolic comments over him. Despite them he goes on working, undeterred by this hostile environment, and pursues his goal.

The most despicable people are these commentators. They are jealous of his dedication, of his optimism and of his courage. And they are full of ideology: they dislike his approach because it does not contain supersymmetry, higher dimensions of space or some other of their pet ideas that are unsubstantiated by experiment.

In contrast to string theory and all those other "theories", Lisi makes predictions that can be compared with experiment. Let us see what comes out of it. We should always remember that Lisi is honest, open and willing to confront reality. His critics are not.

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