25 April 2011

No Higgs yet

CERN is a great place. It is the place where people do the best they can with present technology. But since a few years, unrealistic wishes took over. They want to prove supersymmetry, higher dimensions, and other false fixed ideas. Now, an obscure internal memo claims to have seen a Higgs-like signal. I hope that it is not due to the desire to show that 5 billion euro were well spent.


  1. Concerning Higgs, it does not exist, in my humble opinion. It is a patch of a failing theoretical (gauge, massless) construction. Why should it exists?

  2. Schiller says the same. But I am still undecided. The unitarity issue in WW scattering is an important one.

  3. WW unitarity is an issue in the current SM. In some other construction it is not an issue but we are still far away from such constructions.

  4. I hope that it is not due to the desire to show that 5 billion euro were well spent.

    I expect null results, and consider them to be well worth the expense if it helps to knock some sense back into theoretical physics.

  5. Vladimir,

    we will have to wait for the data to settle this.


    no result will ever knock sense back into theoreticians who spent their life on false theories; and above all, taxpayers are not in the business of doing that.

    But CERN still shows how powerful theoreticians have become. After all, they have convinced over twenty governments to pour money into an experiment that is supposed to prove false ideas: supersymmetry and additional dimensions.

  6. Well, that's my point. If they don't find the Higgs or "evidence for higher dimensions" and supersymmetry, then their funding will get cut off and this will force a re-think. I agree that many stringers won't give it up that easily, (especially fanatics like, Lumo), but I'll bet that it causes a many more fence riding theorists to abandon those foolish notions.