22 April 2011

Why spaghetti are not popular among particle physicists

The strand-spaghetti model predicts all forces, all standard model particles and quantum theory.

It might well be that this is the only model in the universe that achieves this. But Schiller is really making it hard to swallow.  He pisses off most theoretical physicists on the planet. For example, he has a microscopic model for quantum theory. Researchers have searched for such a model for almost 100 years, and he just presents it in a chapter and goes on. In normal life, such a discovery is sufficient to build a career plus a whole research group.

Schiller then explains the gauge groups as consequences of knot deformations. This will piss off all mathematicians working on knot theory for the last 50 years, because they missed the discovery. I do not know any of them, I must ask around.

He then deduces black hole entropy from spaghetti. This feat alone should make him well-known about quantum gravity people. But he does not care and goes on.

He then deduces the particle spectrum. Nobody has ever deduced a particle spectrum. This feat, again, is unique. What does he do? He explains the quark model and goes on. He explains the quark model! Nobody ever did that. Be he does give a damn and goes on.

And then he starts thinking about masses and the fine structure constant. And he is not as successful. He clearly needs people to help him. But people do not manage to follow him. He is simply too fast. He cruises through physics in a way that is much too demanding.

We women must get together: spaghetti taste better if a woman prepares them. We must find a way to make them more palatable.


  1. Christoph Schiller's strand model is not popular because it is wrong. It is not even self-consistent. Since you bring up knot-theory in your post, let's use that as an example here: many known interactions would violate basic knot theory using Schiller's assignment of "knots" to particles. For a concrete example, take a shoelace with an overhand knot and its mirror image (a W+ and a W- particle in Schiller's terms) on it and try to turn it into an unknot (photons) ... it is not possible, and this has been proven by the mathematics of knot theory. If you don't believe this, then play with the knots on the shoelace until you get an intuitive understanding of why this is impossible.

    What is the real reason Schiller's ideas are not popular? Because they are not a real theory. It is crackpot nonsense.

  2. In Schiller's spaghetti model, the W is not the overhand knot, but a series of tangles that include the open trefoil.

    You write like Nikov, the liar. As I told you already, get yourself a partner. We women have a good influence on men: you get more relaxed.

  3. Nice one, Nemo.


  4. I see. So in order to reject a theory, one doesn't need to check it -- it is enough to check the literature and find that it is not popular... "We women" should not have our own opinion, just follow the crowd.

  5. Anonymous, ¿Didn´t explain you that authority principle is not valid in science? Well, don´t worry, they explain it when you enter to the University