27 February 2012

Do not trust womanizers

First google "Antonio Ereditato", spokesperson of the OPERA experiment at Gran Sasso, and watch some videos. Then continue reading here.

The guy is a womanizer. Such men should never be taken seriously. Here is why:  when people in his experiment found that the neutrinos are not faster than light, but that a faulty cable falsely gave this result, he wrote a press report in which he claimed that there was a second error that could revive the sensational finding. This is a lie, obviously just added to save face.

Ereditato is a crook - like every womanizer is.


  1. This deep scientific consideration should be immediately extended to all researchers! It is a much faster and cheaper method than wasting time in peer reviews, in experiments and in understanding physics. It would be just easier to evaluate how much womanizer is the person involved in a given result!

  2. Your comment is a better satire than my post - compliments :-)