16 February 2012

Why the laws of nature cannot evolve

Smolin and several other particle physicists believe that the laws of nature evolve.

They don't. Experiment shows that Newton's law, Coulomb's law, or the conservation of energy and momentum are valid all the time and everywhere. Nature's laws cannot evolve. Laws are by definition that part of nature that stays the same.

"Evolutions of laws" is doublespeak. Let us put Smolin and his companions where they belong: into oblivion.


  1. Clara,

    Future generations of theorists will likely look upon our times and shake their heads in disbelief. It is obvious that many "establishment" gurus have long lost touch with reality and live in isolation in some remote ivory tower.


  2. Ervin,

    I like the time I live in - I am just appalled by the nonsense produced by formerly sensible people. Smolin used to be a smart man. What a loss.