30 May 2013

God does not play dice, she winds up spaghetti

I must think about the way people wind up spaghetti in Italy with a fork. Isn't that similar to how particles move in the spaghetti model? There is no fork, but there is still a rotation.

The chapter on deducing quantum theory from spaghetti is too hand waving for my taste, but it could make sense. It would seem that god does not play dice; instead she winds up spaghetti. Fun.

Update: Here is how a distant civilisation winds up spaghetti.


  1. The problem with quantum mechanics is it just doesn't make sense. You think you are getting the hang of it, and then there is another arbitrary rule to be learned. Then you realize that the whole thing is just a bunch of perplexing rules with no explanation. All you have got to hold on to is that it works.

    But with the Strand Model, things have an explanation. Not only that, the explanations are visualizable. It makes me think that if the Strand Model is not correct, then the universe has cheated. It's just contriving nonsense and giggling at us all scratching our heads.