3 June 2013

The double bind of Peter Woit

In his recent comment on his blog (answering a post by Haim) Woit explains that it IS important to find the fabric of space-time. He even encourages others to do so.

But when I posted a comment on exactly this option on his blog, he deleted it. No joke! Woit wants people to search for the fabric of space-time, but he does not want people to tell that they found it. Why not? Because he thinks that any person who claims to have found the fabric is not serious.

Psychologist call this type of encouragement, "do and don't", a double bind. It makes all those involved go nuts. Do we need to conclude that Woit has gone nuts? In any case, he really wants us to make fun of him.


  1. Ha, ha, ha! Read Heller's Catch-22. You'll feel much better.

  2. Oh, I never read it. But in Woit's case, the situation is self-inflicted. He has a good chance to get crazy...