17 April 2011

Woit and ElBaradei - Weapons and the Standard Model

When the ElBaradei and IAEA consistently said for years: "There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq", in agreement with the facts, the Bush government got more and more furious. Putin remarked dryly: "I would have found some."

When the Woit and experimental particle physics said for years: "There are no deviations from the standard model", in agreement with the facts, many string theorists got more and more furious. Some people swore: "We are going to find some."

This is the correct way to interpret all these desperate claims for new physics that are popping up every other month (such as this one). The political background is also the same. Conservative and honest people like ElBaradei and most experimental and theoretical physicists follow the facts, and then right wing ideologists then call them "communists". For example, conservative and honest physicists like Woit, Dorigo and many others who point out wishful thinking and ideologies are regularly insulted for pointing out the true and obvious.

O tempora, o mores!


  1. Very low level, sorry. You should have started this blog well before the LHC. Now it's doomed. But who cares? We'll not miss much.

  2. Very ignorant choice of link there. Tommaso Dorigo is a member of the CDF group at Fermilab, and there is nothing wrong with the work coming out of CDF, an experimental group.

  3. Kea,

    huh? Dorigo's blog is wonderful - and he gets regularly insulted for it. What is your point?

  4. Anonymous, this blog also discusses possible theories of everything. We will not miss people like you.